techical words

  • Memory Footprint
  • Internet of Things(IOT)
  • Websites receiving heavy traffic
  • Well-known tech giants such as Netflix and Microsoft use Node.js
  • technical debt, it’s a metabphor, means choose a compromise plan for accelerating developing
  • Namespace Imports 命名空间导入


jail | prison

We define prison used as “a place of confinement especially for lawbreakers” is more serious, and jail as “a place of confinement for persons held in lawful custody.”

the fundamental difference between jail and prison is the length of stay for inmates.

trip | journey | travel

  • noun , going to another place and returning.
  • noun, going from one place to another.
  • verb , to go to a place and especially one that is far away.

distinction and difference

A particular characteristic that makes a person or thing stand out from others.
The way that people or things differ.

there is a difference between Ford and Mercedes vehicles, but Mercedes has more distinction.


cruel & brutal

brutal is adjective means savagely violent, vicious, ruthless, or cruel while cruel is not nice, mean or heartless.

major & big & huge

big and huge, means something big and important

major is the focus of a certain subject

complex & complicated

The code is very easy to understand. It is not complex. However, it is complicated.

  • complex is used to refer to the level of components in a system. If a problem is complex, it means that it has many components. 结构复杂
  • complicated refers to a high level of difficulty. If a problem is complicated, means it will take a lot of hard work to solve. 难懂/难解
  • things that are related in some way
  • directly relating to the subject or problem being discussed or considered


swap && exchange

swap suggests that you’re trading things of equal value, Exchange is much more general and means trading something

decide && determine

decide is used on the normal things while determine is used for a hard decision
i decided to read this book
i determined to read this book with a fime heart and nothing will stop me

simply a none and a verb

  1. practice & practise
  2. advice & advise
  3. affect & effect

Affect a noun refer to a feeling, emotion, or specific emotional response
Effect a verb means to bring about. It usually shows up with nouns like “change” or “solutions.”

The protesters wanted to effect change in the corrupt government.
The patient had a flat affect throughout the therapy session.

recycle & reclaim

  • to break down and reuse component materials.
  • to return land to a suitable condition for use.


each & every

each is used when we know the amount
focus on each individual member of the group taken separately

every is used when there has more than Two Objects, or refer to an regular occurance
points to all the individual members of the group

In tennis, there are two or four players. Each player has a racket.
Nicola plays volleyball every Thursday evening.

every one | everyone

the latter emphasize on the “one”

  • These houses all look the same at first, but every one is slightly different.
  • Amy is very popular. Everyone likes her.

rather than && instead of

i prefer A rather than B
i choice A intead of B
rather than shows preference of choice where instead of shows replacement.
rather than carries a connotation that A is better than B. while instead of just simply A and not B

if && whether

the fomer suggests there is one potential option.
the later means if or not, is used when there has two or above potential outcomes, whether ... or ....

such & so

  • such + noun phrase
    • Those are such good chocolates.
    • She is such a great cook
  • so + adjective or adverb phrase, so + much, many, little, few + noun
    • Why do you drive so fast? (so + adverb)
    • That was so unpleasant. (so + adjective)

in & into

  • We use in to express a state, about where something is in relation to a larger area around it
  • We use into to talk about the movement of something, usually with a verb that expresses movement (e.g. go, come).

in & within

  • Within is closer to inside - it mainly refers to something like a building where you are physically in (or inside).
    • In 6 days,…”, You limit the time in the sentence exactly.

many of whom & many of them

  • many of whom + a sub clause
  • many of them + a main clause

among thom & among them

  • relation pronoun
  • in their middle

phrase applying

  • Also we know that astronauts, when they go up into space, find the air becomes thinner as they go higher.

  • Distinction without a difference

  • I did not lie; I merely stretched the truth a little bit.

  • blessing in disguise

  • without a hitch

  • self-loathing

  • as they age

  • in the memory of

  • in one piece
    When you are in survival mode, your focus is on getting through the day in one piece.

  • shed blood

  • sweet spot

  • Wrap Up

  • populates with

  • Side-note

  • Multiple big names

  • First Things First

  • As the name suggests

  • voila

  • in-between
    “everything in between” means just what it says - everything of a type, or everything between two points.

  • take a stand